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by Hephaestus on Nov.22, 2009, under

A friend from the blacksmith society recently sent me this poem about me here you go:

Strong, lame, metal thumb, crippled
Son of Zeus and Hera
Lover of the forge, of humans, and of Aphrodite
Who feels pain, rage, and happiness
Who needs love, a hammer, and fire.
Who fears no metal, no love, and Hera.
Who gives life to humans, grief to Hera, and hate.
Who would like to see Hera throw off a cliff, see Zeus thrown off a cliff and see Areas thrown of a cliff.
Resident of a Volcano.
Also known as the Crippled God.
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    Brother, nice blog! By the way, when you get the chance, can you make my new sword? I broke my last time to a fight with a human. I killed him anyway!

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