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The Illiad

by Hephaestus on Nov.22, 2009, under

I found that the gods are being bickering quite a bit about who should be on who's side. For instance Zeus tells Athena to get someone to shoot Agamemnon. See influenced a renowned archer to take a shot. He shoots but then Athena deflected the arrow into a safer place for Agamemnon. This truly shows that humans are just the play things of us gods. I personally am quite stunned that Aphrodite is so attached to Paris, her son. After all she saved him from the one on one duel. I haven't chosen a side yet, but if I do you'll be the first to know. That's all for now Hephaestus.
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    Brilliant, Heph...I've yet to choose a side myself, but I can say I really favor the rugged, wild man-types. The Trojans are simply a little too dandy-ish, especially that Paris. I guess this is to say I'm leaning towards the Achaeans. If Achilles doesn't quit his moping though, then I don't know.
    The Huntress

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