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by Hephaestus on Nov.22, 2009, under

Hello I'm Katie Couric from CBS studio in an exclusive interview with Hephaestus the god of the forge. We're talking about the crisis with Persephone, Hades, and Demeter. Hades has stolen Persephone down to the underworld and Demeter the mother of her, or the god of the crops has become depressed. In Demeter's depression all the crops around the would have started to die.
Katie: So, Hephaestus, what do you think of Hades actions?
Hephaestus: Well to tell you the truth I'm a little disappointed in my uncle. After all, all he had to do was ask her on a date. Sure the underworld is not the prettiest place but he could have spiffed it up for her. Or he could have called me up and I could have made some adornments for his palace.
Katie: Well what about Demeter and her depression that is destroying the crops around the world?
Hephaestus: Well from what I heard the three of them have made an agreement that in the fall and winter Persephone stays with Hades, and in the spring and summer Persephone gets to go back up to Mount Olympus.
Katie: Well, thank you for your time Hephaestus. This is Katie Couric we'll keep you updated.
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